The end of 2022 is rapidly approaching. My life has been a quiet whirlwind of work, secret projects, less-secret projects, and (refreshingly) social activity. I didn’t write any notes last month because maintaining habits requires a kind of effort that I was fully devoting to other areas of my life, for better or worse.

Cool stuff

Obsidian, the text editor I use for my digital garden, released version 1.0 in October. It looks great and feels great to use (especially on mobile), which is 90% of what I want from a note-taking app. The plugin ecosystem might not quite cover the remaining 10% yet, but I’m excited to see it try.

My tech / mods simfile for Bad Computer - Riddle was voted 2nd out of 49 entries to dimocracy 2022 round 4! Although the philosophy of this subset of mods is to let the player focus on the notes, even just designing the basic motion of the arrows & receptors was really fun.

What I’m working on

Last month with notes was September 2022. Next month is December 2022.