• The numbers 2022-05-23

    The numbers are an integral feature of every modern social media platform. They comprise likes, shares (e.g. retweets), follows, replies, views, and whatever other forms of engagement apply to the particular platform.

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  • Never Tweet 2022-05-23

    Over the course of a decade, I allowed Twitter to become my primary means of socialization. The vast majority of my public writing manifested as tweets. When I finally decided I was unhappy with the status quo, I created this [[digital garden]] as an alternative outlet for my prose & declared that “I don’t have Twitter”. I’ve since shortened this declaration to “Never Tweet”, which is not only more actionable, but a more accurate characterization of my problems with the website.

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  • Growing up 2022-05-23

    Legally, I’ve been an “adult” for over a decade. I file my taxes each year, respond to important emails, and own a vacuum machine and paper shredder. Even if it took some time to adjust, by the age of 24 I thought that I had finally reached the level of emotional maturity adulthood demanded of me. It felt like my aunts and uncles and grandparents were right – I will, as they say, figure it out as I get older.

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  • Eliminating the 9ms bias 2022-04-25

    March ‘23 update

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  • Holistic self-care 2022-03-14

    The inward-facing component of [[my mission statement]]:

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  • High-quality friend 2022-03-14

    The self-improvement component of [[my mission statement]]:

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  • Fake problems 2022-03-14

    This is a name I made up for a pattern I noticed in my life: allowing minor inconveniences with obvious solutions to persist. The root cause is small enough to be disregarded, but the consequences can range anywhere from equally small to lifestyle-altering. These problems only take a brief moment of thought to identify, but I’ve learned it’s surprisingly easy to let them pile up for no reason!

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  • Community infrastructure 2022-03-14

    The primary export of [[my mission statement]]:

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  • Be more for fewer people 2022-03-14

    You’ve heard of Dunbar’s number, right? It’s 150, and it’s the number of social links you can maintain in your head (Dunbar said so). This has a wide array of important consequences – for example, any attempt to befriend every 1st-gen Pokémon is mathematically doomed – but not all hope is lost! First, simply acknowledge the limitations of your monkey brain. Next, use said brain to think about ways you can operate within those limitations while still pursuing a fulfilling social life. Finally, gradually adapt your behavior to align with those principles. That’s it! Three easy steps and you’re well on your way to living a Dunbar-approved life.

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  • You can do anything at all 2022-02-16

    It’s true: you’re free to do anything you want. Spend your time as you see fit; wear what you want to wear; participate in whatever communities feel like home to you. If what you’re doing doesn’t make you happy, try doing something else!

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