Holistic self-care

The inward-facing component of my mission statement:

Practice holistic self-care so that I can fulfill the above goals indefinitely.

The “holistic” qualifier serves to broaden the purpose & means of what most people call “self-care”. Mental health is certainly important, but life engages more than just the mind, and comfort is far from the only aspect of a healthy life. Anything that improves one’s physical well-being, social needs, financial stability, or creative fulfillment might fall under this umbrella. There’s some overlap with the concept of “adulting” – a term people like me tend to dislike – so maybe there’s some small benefit to inventing a new term that lacks that baggage.

Holistic self-care also emphasizes direction in each of these areas: having a clear, actionable plan toward some ideal state. This may be a more comfortable state, or more exciting, sustainable, self-actualizing… whatever is presently missing. Being able to identify the problems that need solving is a good place to start, but committing to a solution is usually the harder step of the process. If the challenge seems insurmountable, it might be worth tackling some fake problems as practice for the big ones.