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    I've redesigned from the ground up, eschewing the "digital garden" concept in favor of something a little more home-grown. The "cool stuff" from my monthly notes have been split out into their own section, and the more interesting notes have been moved to a chronological sequence of posts.

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    New WIP feeling 2022-09-12 #music production

    For music producers, new WIP feeling is the emotion associated with elevating a project file from a sketch to the start of a song โ€” a new work in progress. At least, that's what I call it in my head. I assume this feeling is more-or-less universal among us. Not everything you throw into the DAW works, and finding something that does work can feel a bit like hitting the bullseye on a moving target.

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    Today is the only day that matters 2022-08-22 #life ยท #mantras

    I have two questions for you. First: are you trying to get something done? Maybe it'll take weeks or months to finish, or maybe it's a particularly demanding or frustrating task. It could be a phone call, an art piece, a blog post, or anything else that takes your time & effort.

    Second question: when are you going to work on it? Let's keep the question simple: if it's a long task, you don't have to finish it in one sitting. If it's annoying, you don't have to enjoy the process. All you have to do is work on it, and all I want to know is when.

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    The numbers 2022-05-23 #social media

    The numbers are an integral feature of every modern social media platform. They comprise likes, shares (e.g. retweets), follows, replies, views, and whatever other forms of engagement apply to the particular platform.

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    Never Tweet 2022-05-23 #personal ยท #social media

    Over the course of a decade, I allowed Twitter to become my primary means of socialization. The vast majority of my public writing manifested as tweets. When I finally decided I was unhappy with the status quo, I created this digital garden as an alternative outlet for my prose & declared that "I don't have Twitter". I've since shortened this declaration to "Never Tweet", which is not only more actionable, but a more accurate characterization of my problems with the website.

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    Growing up 2022-05-23 #life

    Legally, I've been an "adult" for over a decade. I file my taxes each year, respond to important emails, and own a vacuum machine and paper shredder. Even if it took some time to adjust, by the age of 24 I thought that I had finally reached the level of emotional maturity adulthood demanded of me. It felt like my aunts and uncles and grandparents were right โ€“ I will, as they say, figure it out as I get older.

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    Eliminating the 9ms bias 2022-04-25 #ITG

    March '23 update: There's been some exciting recent development in this area, namely Telperion's nine-or-null unbiasing utility and some positive discussion of practicality in the ITC server. I've trimmed & edited this document to reflect recent developments like ITGMania and the unbiasing tool.

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    Holistic self-care 2022-03-14 #mission statement

    The inward-facing component of my mission statement:

    Practice holistic self-care so that I can fulfill the above goals indefinitely.

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    High-quality friend 2022-03-14 #mission statement

    The self-improvement component of my mission statement:

    Be a high-quality friend, uplifting others & sharing knowledge.

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    Fake problems 2022-03-14 #life ยท #personal

    This is a name I made up for a pattern I noticed in my life: allowing minor inconveniences with obvious solutions to persist. The root cause is small enough to be disregarded, but the consequences can range anywhere from equally small to lifestyle-altering. These problems only take a brief moment of thought to identify, but I've learned it's surprisingly easy to let them pile up for no reason!

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